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α-Pyrrolidinohexiophenone (α-PHP, alpha-PHP, α-Pyrrolidinohexanophenone, PV-7) is a synthetic stimulant drug of the cathinone class developed in the 1960s that has been reported as a new research chemical. It is a longer chain companion of α-PVP, having an extra carbon on the alkyl side chain, and is a structural isomer of pyrovalerone.

A-php information: 

Formal name: α-Pyrrolidinohexiophenone

CAS Number: 13415-86-6

Formula: C16H23NO

Purity: >97%

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Disclaimer: possession and distribution of Alpha PHP is considered a controlled substance in a number of countries and applicable laws may make possession and/or sale of Alpha PHP illegal and subject to criminal penalty.



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  1. David

    Perfect. Will u receive it again? Actually is out of stock. We will be so sad if you wont receive it anymore

    • Moderator

      Hey, a-php is back in stock, so no need to be sad i hope i made your day a little better (:

  2. [email protected]

    Good product i just ordered the new batch

  3. DeividMad

    Perfect. Will u receive it again? Actually is out of stock. We will be so sad if you wont receive it anymore

  4. fdepcastro

    Good morning. Will you please inform me if Alfa PHP is available again? I have been trying to order it, but the system does not permit me. Is there any problem? Please advise

    • Moderator

      Hi a-php is back in stock you can order here

  5. Belmere

    Très bonne qualité et site de confiance !!!

  6. Xus

    Cuando volverán a tener producto?

    • Moderator

      hi, you can buy a-php here

  7. Massimo

    il 14 febbraio ho eseguito un primo ordine di A PHP chiedendo che sia bianco hci e cosi e’ stato
    ottimo prodotto a breve ordinero’ di nuovo sperando che sia ancora bianco hci

  8. mmmsjk

    Onko tämä loppu varastosta?

  9. Josito

    Cuando estará disponible de nuevo?

  10. Olivier Zappon

    When se Could order a-php ?

    • Moderator

      Hi you can order a-php here if it doesnt work for you please submit a ticket and we will try to help you

  11. Cidjy62430

    Top. Super site.

  12. Belmere

    c’est les kings!!!

  13. CAsweetness

    ANY idea when APHP will be back in stock? been trying to find a new vendor, i order like once a week! please get back to me as soon as you can as im sure you are VERY busy. thank you for you time, looking forward to peaking with you & hopefully working with you in the near future.


  14. Mykhaill

    One of my favorites. Hope it ‘ll come back soon, I’m almost out.
    Seems like the Alpha site is on maintenance.

  15. Prettypunk001


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