Join the Euro 2024 Football Pool and Win! Football fans, it’s time to make your predictions and win amazing prizes!

Football fans, it’s time to make your predictions and win 50% discount at Aimimichem! Join our Euro 2024 pool and prove that you are the ultimate football expert. For just €50, you can submit your prediction and have a chance to win.

How does it work?
1. Register and pay €50: Sign up for the pool and pay the entry fee.
2. Choose your champion: Spain or England
3. Deadline: Make sure your payment is complete by 13 July
4. No coupons allowed
5. No points allowed

What can you win?
50% discount coupon: All winners will receive a discount coupon for their next purchase with us. Maximum spend: €325

Why participate?
– Excitement and fun: Make Euro 2024 even more thrilling by joining the pool.
– Show off your football expertise: Prove that you are the best football predictor.
Great discount: Win and enjoy 50% off your next purchase.

Don’t miss this chance to make Euro 2024 extra special. Joining is easy. Make sure you’re in and you might be the proud winner with a great 50% discount coupon.

Good luck and enjoy Euro 2024!


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