Paying with BITCOIN has many advantages for you as a customer:

1. We receive your payment immediately, this means we start shipping right away
2. Paying with BITCOIN is fast, discrete and anonymous
3. Paying with BITCOIN is very EASY

If you never used BITCOIN payments before, we will show you how to do it below

STEP 1: How do i create a coinbase account.

If you want to be able to make payments with BITCOIN, you must have an account with an crypto exchange. We recommend COINBASE. COINBASE is very secure, safe and easy to use. So your first step is to create an COINBASE account. You can create your COINBASE account. Just click on the link below and follow the steps to create your own COINBASE ACCOUNT

Create your Coinbase account here

If you need help creating your COINBASE ACCOUNT just check out the video below for a simple step by step.

STEP 2: How do i buy bitcoin.

COINBASE is a secure, easy-to use platform for buying and selling Bitcoin. Simply follow this video to get started:

STEP 3: How to send and use bitcoin.

After you log in to your Coinbase account and add bitcoin, the next step is sending or receiving coins. Check out this helpful video that will show how quickly it can be done!