3MMC Crystal (3-Methylmethcathinone) is a synthetic stimulant of the cathinone class. It is similar in structure to mephedrone, with the only difference being an 3-methyl group. 3MMC first appeared on the online research chemical market in 2012. 3MMC has since become a popular research chemical due to its stimulating and great effects.

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3MMC information:

Formal name: 3-Methylmethcathinone, also known as 3MMC and metaphedrone

CAS Number: 1246816-62-5

Formula: C11H15NO

Purity: ≥98%

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Disclaimer: possession and distribution of 3MMC Crystal is considered a controlled substance in a number of countries and applicable laws may make possession and/or sale of 3MMC Crystal illegal and subject to criminal penalty.

Disclaimer: Please read our Terms and Conditions regarding this product

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27 reviews for 3MMC Crystals

  1. calvin.b

    cristaux fins, pas trop cher

  2. jasperkleijn

    buena calidad, cristales fáciles de procesar

  3. Jean-Etienne Corallini

    Good product

  4. Safrane


  5. [email protected]

    Große Kristalle, reine Qualität, preiswert, schnell und diskret versandt

  6. [email protected]

    Me and my friends have a research lab together and do research on different chemicals almost every weekend. Since we have known aimimichem, a whole new world has opened up for us.

    – 3-mmc

    The 3-mmc is similar to the other versions of meow (Like 3-CMC) I personally have extra difficulty with concentration and short-term forgetfulness, but this may also have to do with my ADHD. If you consciously stop using an hour to one and a half before going to sleep, I can personally just sleep, this of course also depends on how much *research* you did that evening/night. Me and my friends have ordered 3-mmc from aimimichem dozens of times. The chemicals have always been delivered with consistent quality. The product is always pure and the weight is also correct.

    rating 3-mmc: 9/10


    – Aimimichem

    I am enthusiastically satisfied with Aimimichem. The products are always as expected and pure. The weight is always right. The service of Aimimichem is top notch. Fast and discreet shipping. you even have the option to pay with crypto. I personally have no experience with customer service as I have never needed it.

    aimimichem rating: 10/10

  7. Rc

    Good experiences with aimimichem and its products, of course always do good research before experimenting with it. Don’t combine it with other things, no matter how nice it might seem to you. Safety above all else! Thanks again aimimichem for the service and the good quality products

  8. Thierry

    I have been ordering here for years and have always been satisfied. So of course 3mmc is dead and we have to live with it. Of course, although there are similarities, 3cmc is different, but at Aimimi we are sure to have a product of constant quality and above all to be sure to receive your order. With this, Aimimi makes the difference with other sellers…

  9. Mathieu Coninx

    Good quality product with fast delivery. I have always ordered on Aimimichem and have never been disappointed.

  10. [email protected]

    Been Ordering from aimimi for over a year and The quality and purity is just 5stars! + great Support team

  11. rossano fiorini

    Good product, fast delivery

  12. Alexis sawann Incaya

    Bien reçu emballage discret , livraison rapide , tout conforme poid et qualité
    Je recommande
    Merci à l équipe

  13. Chemist

    Great crystals, high quality and great service.

  14. Hellakos

    Super ! Merci

  15. Lariviere Jérôme

    high quality and high in the sky !

  16. Ludovic Besnier

    Colis reçu en sans problème livraison rapide et discrète,produit de super qualité

    • Moderator


  17. Hernan Gabriel gazzola


  18. Anthosut

    Livraison rapide et discrète, produit de qualité supérieur, bien la première fois que je prend ce produit sur ce site et c’et gelâmes t la première fois se je n’ai aucune démangeaison lorsque je la!

  19. Marco Luigi Creston

    Provato 3MMC per la mia ricerca buona qualità di prodotto

  20. davi2d

    Well i just discover the rating system. I made 3 orders. The last 62832 was less good than 2 previous, because 1g was missing but didn’t know where to find the ticket system. I had discount so I didn’t search while too long. But you can order, because there is very fast shipping, and always received.

  21. Alexxy49

    Parfait, comme d’habitude !


  22. maxouuDB

    Hello , do you know when the 3mmc is coming back?

  23. Jacques

    Always had good experience and my research was on the positive side because of the constant quality of the product found here at Aimimichem.
    Since we got 3-MMC banned, and replaced by 3-CMC I shall say that it still a good product, but it does not conduct my research with the same results, and it is maybe because of the caustic issue with 3-CMC, and not because of the quality which is great!
    I was wondering how to get again the real 3-MMC? Please let me know if there are any ways too get on the MMC again somehow.
    Thank you for your great service all the team. (You will probably moderate my message which is fine to me, didn’t know how to get in contact about that matter.
    Best regards.

    • Moderator

      Hi, unfortunately we cant help you with this.
      I hope you have a nice day.

      Team Aimimichem

  24. Jusfre baltee

    Good product

  25. Adn

    very good and similar to 3mmc

  26. david humez

    I put the wrong order number and they found it.
    Top notch customer service and professionalism.
    They are the best
    thank you so much
    A very satisfied Frenchman

  27. david humez

    They are the best
    thank you so much
    A very satisfied Frenchman

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